SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Two familiar favorites claimed the top spot of most popular names for babies born at Sanford Health in 2019.

Evelyn was the No. 1 choice for newborn girls. For boys, Liam was the top pick.

Both names aren't new as most-popular baby names. Evelyn was the fourth-ranked choice for girls in 2018, while Liam was previously the second-most popular name for boys.

How do the naming choices made by parents at Sanford Health facilities square up against national favorites? Nameberry, a baby name website that tracks users' favored choices, ranks Olivia as the current top name for girls, with Evelyn coming in fourth. For boys, Oliver ranked No. 1, with Liam showing up at far down the list in 19th place.

This year at Sanford Health, Evelyn moved to the top of the list above Emma. Emma, which was the No. 1 name for baby girls three of the past four years, slipped out of the top five. Liam beat out Oliver for the top-choice for newborn boys. Liam was fourth most popular name for boys in 2016 and 2017.

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Boys names that slipped out of the top-five this year: Owen, Henry and Hudson. Girls names that dropped off the top-five this year: Emma, Ava and Avery.

The top-five baby names for 2019 at Sanford Health:


  1. Evelyn;
  2. Madelyn;
  3. Addison;
  4. Charlotte;
  5. Harper and Hazel (tied).


  1. Liam;
  2. Oliver;
  3. Adam;
  4. Benjamin;
  5. Carter.