EAST GRAND FORKS, MN - Bully Brew is making its way to East Grand Forks.


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The coffee shop will be moving into Corner Coffee's building on 4th St. and Demers Ave.


This new location will be called Bully Brew East.


Bully Brew's owner says Corner Coffee's owners approached her and asked if she'd like to buy the building.


She says they were ready to retire and the shop had been buying coffee beans from Bully Brew since they opened.


"We've had a great relationship with them. I'm excited that they're excited; it's working well for both of us. They've actually put up signage introducing us as Bully Brew East coming over to take over and it's going to be a fabulous joint effort,” said Bully Brew's owner Sandi Luck.


Corner Coffee will be closing on June 30th and they ask that people use up their gift cards, punch cards, and coupons by June 29th.


Bully Brew hopes to open the new location on July 9th.